Alien of the month - May

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Alien of the month - May

Post by Ma' on Wed May 08, 2013 3:29 pm


  ◕ name [or nickname]: Marli
◕ Age: 23

◕ Where you live: [/ b] [/ color] [color = white] Funchal,Portugal

◕ Activities : On my free time I usually walk with my dogs. Like driving - especially at night, and walking by the sea. Since I'm not working full time, for now, I can enjoy the day.

◕ A short text about you I'm normally a calm, patient and dreamy person, but not very ambitious, generally conform with what I have, and tend to be friendly, depending on the people who are next to me and how they react to me. I don't like being told what I have to do. I like animals and children, to me, are the most perfect combination! I like the sun, because here is usually always cold. Also, I like to laugh and to be surrounded by nice people, happy and optimistic! Usually people who do not know me think I am very shy - in fact, I am sometimes - but who really know me, rather I really was. Apart from that, I like to be helpful.

◕ A little text as you met the band: It was in 2007. At the time, because everyone was talking about them, some people good, many bad, was going from love to hate, was impressive. I had no opinion. Until I heard a song and liked it, I heard another and liked, videos and looked liked. Opinions still increasingly contrasting, who loved, loved more and those who hated, wanted them to death, to them and to all who loved them! I kept myself in the middle, which is of the things that I hate, because I like to have my opinion and what I believe to be right, even if not always express myself. However, I knew the concert on 29 June (2008) - I had just turned 18 and, as I was of age I scheduled trip, I got on the first plane and went alone. I had to go "kill curiosity" and simply went without consulting anyone, because I needed to know that phenomenon before I was, and needed to be certain of what to say when speaking of them - good or bad - and do not be stupid ignorant who says what others say, as many at the time.
I do not regret. It was the best things I've ever done! And, proudly, that day became a fan and returned much happier. - And this was the first time I told it.

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