[31.03.2014] #HappyBirthdayGeorgListing - Twitter

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[31.03.2014] #HappyBirthdayGeorgListing - Twitter

Post by Dawn on Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:06 pm

On Monday the 31th March it was time for us Aliens to celebrate the birthday of our amazing bassist player - Georg Moritz Listing. Today our Natural Beauty is turning 27 years old! Can you believe? It's scary how fast time flies. Feels like it was yesterday that he was 17! Sad To celebrate our dear Georg, the Aliens held a fan action, everyone changed their icon to a picture of Georg and some chose to even change their names too. The Aliens time line looked beautiful, full of birthday wishes to Georg. As if this wasn't amazing enough, seeing the Aliens come together to celebrate the birthday child. We even managed to end up on the trends. On the trends in France, Italy and even WORLDWIDE! In just 10 minutes after the clocked striked 00:00. Shocked 

Dear Georg, We in Team Hysteria wish You the best for your birthday and hope that it will be great and that you enjoy it. Thank you for always rocking the stage together with the boys & adding that extra something into the songs! You might be 27 now, but to us you'll always be that boy who needs extra strong paper!
Razz ❤️

Some of the beautiful birthday wishes to Georg from Aliens!

#HappyBirthdayGeorgListing a WTT!

(scan by @Wendy_Alien)

Print by: Dawn - Tokio Hotel Hysteria Portugal  Like a Star @ heaven 

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