[06.04.2014] A sign if life from Tokio Hotel - @bravomagazin

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[06.04.2014] A sign if life from Tokio Hotel - @bravomagazin

Post by Dawn on Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:07 pm

Tokio Hotel: Exciting news from the studio!

Finally, there's a new sign of life from Tokio Hotel from the studio. The first taste of the new songs...

Bill, Tom and Co. in the studio working hard on the new Tokio Hotel Hits [@Facebook/Tokio Hotel]

Eagerly we're waiting for the new album from Tokio Hotel. But so far, the guys still let us be fidget. Even when Bill and Tom Kaulitz were a part of last year's "DSDS" as judges, the fans were hoping that new songs would quickly follow. So far unsuccessfully...

Now, however, there's finally a sign of life! The four guys have posted a video of themselves from the studio. Tokio Hotel work hard on new songs - whether the beat in the background of the clip is a little taste already? We are curious.

Check out the video anyway in the new episode of BRAVO WebTV!

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The link to the German article

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