[23.08.2014] Facebook - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: ACCEPTED!

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[23.08.2014] Facebook - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: ACCEPTED!

Post by Dawn on Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:02 am

Bill and Tom accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge! #icebucketchallenge

[They were nominated by Tom Bohne who is Vice-President of Universal Music Germany]

Visit ALSA to read more about ALS and to donate

Bill: OK, we're nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge
Tom: Thank you so much, Tom Bohne!
Bill: Thanks Tom Bohne for the nomination and of course we'll do it because it's for a good cause and because of that, it all goes to als.org and we'll donate money - so we must do both, the challenge and to donate money.
Tom: And we also nominate (???) to ALS... ehhhh.. Ernie and Bert from "Sesamstrasse"... (?)
Bill: And David Hasselhoff.
Both: Exactly.
Bill: Let's do it!
Tom: Wait, wait..
Bill: OK
Both: One!
Bill: And we nominate Tom Bohne again because we think he could need some more refreshment and also so that he can donate a little more money.

(??): unable to translate

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